Science Association 2018-2019


To disseminate the knowledge of Science among the students to enhance their scientific creativity, innovations for betterment of rural society. Develop the inquiring mind and curiosity among them to find the solutions of the societal problems.


  1. To encourage the students for participation in Avishkar
  2. To develop the experimental skill among the students
  3. To inspire the students to participate in Science exhibition
  4. To develop the writing skill about essay on science and research paper
  5. To know the research work done by Indian scientists.


Eight students were actively participated in the Avishkar organized by K.B.C.N.M.U. Jalgaon. Students through the observation in nature performs the experiments on various trees and tried to generate the electricity from them. Some of the students also perform the experiments on the waste chemicals from the chemistry laboratory and tried it to generate energy source and presented the work in Avishkar. Students were able to write their work in a scientific language and present it in college, district level competition.. Students themselves get aware to use waste materials, natural resources to meet the future energy demands.

Science Association Report 2018-2019

On 28 July 2018 the meeting was held to discuss about inauguration of the science association and the programmes to be organize in the current year.

Inauguration of the Science association was led on 3 September 2018. Prof. Dr. Sandhya Sonawane had inaugurated the Science association and deliver a valuable inaugural speech. In her speech she guided to avoid the conventional route and be self-directed to solve the societal problems. The inaugural function was chaired by Principal Dr. F.N. Mahajan.

Prof. Dr. S.M. Sonawane’s Inaugural Quote.

Vice principal Mr. M.D. Khairnar talking with the students.

Principal Dr. F.N. Mahajan Felicitating the chief guest Dr. S.M. Sonawane.

Students were also stimulated to participate in research activities like AVISHKAR 2018. Following students were took part in District level AVISHKAR conducted by KBCNMU Jalgaon.

Sr. No. Name Of The Students Poster/ Model Title
01 Umesh Mahajan Model
02 Anagha Bari
03 Iliyas Khan
04 Dipali Bari
05 Rajendra Bhagwat Dhangar Poster
06 Patil G.P.
07 Patil Aniket Model
08 Pawara Mahesh

Following faculties were also participated in AVISHKAR activities.

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Poster/ Model Title
01 Mr. H.G. Bhangale Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles and their characterization
02 Mr. R.D. Pawar

Mr. H.G. Bhangale was selected for University level.

Science quiz was conducted on 22nd January 2019. 43 Students actively participated in the test and made the programme successful and informative. Topper students are listed as follows.

  1. Mahajan Umesh M.
  2. Patil Ghansham Pandurang
  3. Bari Anagha Rajesh
  4. Patil Aniket Umakant

Science Quiz

Science Day was observed on 28th February 2019 under the guidance of vice principal Prof. M.D. Khairnar.

Prof. Dr. B.K. Sonawane while delivering a speech give the valuable information about the importance of the research carried by Dr. C. V. Raman and its future prospectives.

Some of the students also focussed on the life of Dr. C. V. Raman .

Prof. Dr. B.K.Sonawane talking with students

Student presenting their views on Science Day

Thanking You

H.G. Bhangale


Science Association